Existence is the actuality of the self which supplants the reality of being, civilization imposed upon nature, the relative displacing the absolute, objectivity replacing subjectivity. The individual self exists but has no being, while the soul is absolute being, immanent within yet transcendent to existence, expansive in more dimensions of consciousness than the expanding universe perceived by the senses. When the self expresses its various images in the actuality that it invents, it enters a conflict within the duality of existence, the incongruity between actuality and reality, between civilization and nature and between existence and being. Unable to relate immediately and innocently to this actuality because it is an invention of reflection, the self doubts, protesting against the intellectual conclusion that wants to invalidate emotion and immediate sensation and overthrow intuition and instinct . It is doubt that begins the process of reflection which negates the innocent relationship between the soul and its source in the absolute. When the soul projects its image into existence as an individual self it annuls innocence and becomes guilty. The individual self is thus an expression of existential guilt.


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