Who am I ?

The naming of a baby fits the developing child into a social context which becomes its world, where it is fed on immediacy and suffers a conditioning into the values of its society. When that conditioning is complete the child becomes reflective and is forcefully indoctrinated into the material disciplines which serve the interests of its society’s rulers. These disciplines are scientific disciplines which confine the human intellect within the rationally apprehended physical universe. To transcend these world views and step outside the rationally ordered universe of the human intellect requires an act, an act  of faith.sunset4

What’s the purpose?

We search for the widest possible understanding of the universe around us so that we can give purpose to our lives. Discovering that the universe is relative and that it emerged from and is expanding into the absolute we should conclude that the purpose of the universe must be an absolute purpose. The relative purposes to which we commit our lives we must confess to be meaningless unless they serve that absolute purpose. What that purpose is we cannot know but the way to fulfill that purpose we can know. It is a life of service to our fellow beings, grounded upon absolute principles.

What’s the idea!

The idea is not infinite. If it were infinite it would not be possible. There are no infinite possibilities. The possibilities imaged in the idea are merely finite and cannot comprehend what is real or distinguish between what is real and what is actual. Actuality is the materialized possibility and is only an image of the reality that cannot be known by the processes of rational thought which conceive the idea, the ground of possibility. The actualities in which we each exist are only related coincidentally and impartially to the infinite reality of being.

Why am I concerned?

Why am I concerned  about the confusion in so many minds regarding the distinction of the categories? I hear the term “absolutely” bandied around so much that it becomes sickening. The same goes with the common usage of the terms “immortal” about works of art, and “infinite” about possibilities, but by far the most egregious is the use of “absolutely” which some of my acquaintances use to emphasize commitment two or three times in every conversation. These all signify a confusion in the minds of the users about where they are living and ultimately confusion about life itself. We live in a finite universe within which everything is relative. There are no absolutes within this universe, nothing is immortal and possibilities are merely finite, limited. The sooner we come to earth in this universe the sooner we can begin to realistically face the problems that human lack of understanding has manufactured and which human confusion is propagating.

As I have tried to show in my published works through the last twenty years there is an absolute reality which is transcendent to the universe of relative actualities which we rationally inhabit. This absolute is the material nothingness within which the universe exists, within which it is expanding, or, to use a more modern term, inflating. When the absolute eventually becomes actual within the universe, the relative universe will, of necessity, disappear.

authentic consciousness

The expansion of human intellectual consciousness is from philosophy through poetry to prophecy. The philosopher, with an inquiring mind, attempts to understand the universe in which he or she awakens and formulate an approach through that developing understanding. In this lies the birth of science and its methodology which accepts a relativistic view of the universe while the poet attempts to give form to the discovered understanding in absolute terms. The prophet is silent, subjectively allowing the absolute to manifest its being through him, or through her. The prophetic consciousness is the highest development of an authentic human life and the prophetic utterance its highest truth. My work is an enquiring work of philosophy which, in poetic semblance, aspires to but may not become a prophetic utterance. Based in physical theory, it expands into spiritual theory, subjecting the universe of relativity to a profound reflection, seeking traces of an ultimate and absolute reality.

Life did not come into being!

►Life did not come into being. It did not become. It simply is, and always has been. It neither came into being, nor can it cease from being. It is eternal and forever. Let life on earth therefore be a preparation for eternal life. Let death be considered a delusion of the fallen intellect, fallen, that is, from subjective contemplation of the absolute and eternal principles into objective reflection on the relativity of existence, the realm ruled by death.

the geometre

►If we assume that if only Descartes had realized that his geometry was merely a poetic utterance and he had not taken it so seriously then the so-called modern world would not be in such a crisis of faith in absolute principles as it is, then our assumption would be false. Human life, every form of life, involved as it is in the tendencies of the finite material universe towards entropy, must follow a course set from the beginning. We are in a spiral away from the source of our being and only a faith in the absolute principles emanating from that source, which transcend the material values with which immersion in civilization imbues us from our youth, is able to reestablish us in a moral relationship with that being which is also our destiny, if we so choose. Morality is the discipline of the relationship with absolute being and the true philosophy is the discovery of that morality.