Relativity is not the truth

The inverse square law of gravitation,which states that two bodies attract one another with a force whose strength is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance, is constrained within boundaries set by general relativity for a specific average density of matter so that gravity causes the curvature of space-time as the universe of matter constantly expands. This is a theory which fitted the universe of known facts in the time of the theorist, as does the theory of relativity in our own time. Since relativity is not absolute it is therefore not true but is merely a step on the way to a human understanding of truth

the geometre

►If we assume that if only Descartes had realized that his geometry was merely a poetic utterance and he had not taken it so seriously then the so-called modern world would not be in such a crisis of faith in absolute principles as it is, then our assumption would be false. Human life, every form of life, involved as it is in the tendencies of the finite material universe towards entropy, must follow a course set from the beginning. We are in a spiral away from the source of our being and only a faith in the absolute principles emanating from that source, which transcend the material values with which immersion in civilization imbues us from our youth, is able to reestablish us in a moral relationship with that being which is also our destiny, if we so choose. Morality is the discipline of the relationship with absolute being and the true philosophy is the discovery of that morality.