I am from the void, the void of being, the void of spiritual being, the void of conscious being. I am a spiritually conscious being.

The self that I project, in different forms, into the physical universe around me, is only an image of my being, a false image, shaped by my particular environment, by my place in the world of relativity. This illusory self, born of woman from the seed of man, is formed and reformed by the shifting currents of the chaos of existence

I am every man, every woman, every form of being, in this universe and beyond this universe, in the void of being. The finite universe is confined within the infinite void and the void is present in the center, the soul of every being, at the center of my being,

I am in the void, the spiritual void of being. I am no longer hiding among the artifacts of existence, I am no longer attempting, with futility, to fill the void at the center of my being with the distractions of chaos.

I am still, within the void, gazing outward, conscious only of being.


Within the void !

The motion of matter within the expanding universe posits the existence of both space and time, and time posits a beginning and an end of space. At the beginning, there could have been no matter since there was no space in which matter could exist. The first atom of matter therefore posits space and the second atom of matter posits linear time. As matter expands, space expands and time measures precisely this expansion of space. Space precedes time, the first moment of time measuring the appearance of the second atom of space. Linear time did not begin at the first moment of the existence of space, which was not a moment of time but the eternal moment of the infinite void. The beginning of the ongoing process of the formation of the physical universe, whether it began with an atom of immense mass containing all of the density of matter that ever will be present in the physical universe as is postulated in the first theoretical law of thermodynamics, or whether it began with a simple atom of hydrogen containing one proton and one electron which divided and reproduced itself while continuing to disintegrate and associate into the various combinations of protons and electrons that make up the heavier elements expanding the universe of space in time within the infinite void, the beginning of this process is the beginning of a finite and temporal universe and not the beginning of the eternal void, which can have no beginning in time since it contains no space where physical matter could exist and time could come into play. The physical universe is a temporal space within which everything is relative, that came into existence within an eternal, infinite and absolute void. The physical theorists of academia also posit an infinite vacuum as the ground in which the universe began and posit the beginning of the universe of form as an inflationary moment that occurred before linear time began. This inflationary moment and this vacuum is, of course, the void of absolute being within which the physical universe came into existence, an eternal moment and an infinite void to which the expansion of the universe can only aspire and which it can never attain.

tomorrow and tomorrow

sunset4Tomorrow is another day! They say! But it is so only relatively. We measure everything according to local observation from the earth we inhabit, which is spinning on its axis orbiting a star which is itself orbiting within one of an uncountable number of galaxies. We measure and we collectively name objects, bringing them into a common intellectual domain, an illusion of objectivity. Yet subjectively tomorrow is the same day, the one day in which we all live transcendently, together in a unity it is foolish to deny. Perhaps we are here, within this universe, to discover our unity.


I hope that my work will show effectively that the recorded history of humankind upon the earth is the direct result of the fallen condition of the human intellect. The work is a poetic thesis in which I attempt to demonstrate that this fallen condition is primordial and has existed throughout recorded history. The present human condition is seen as the fruit of what has been termed by Cardinal Newman “an aboriginal catastrophe”, depicted within conceptualized time as the fall of man. Without this catastrophe there would be no human history, a history of the power of death, which is the ultimate power of the negative in existence, the fruit of an act of murder, the killing of Abel by his blood brother, Cain. History is the history of this fruit. The archetypal stories in the Jewish scriptural canon will be seen to record this fall with astonishing psychological insight and I will use them in my poetic attempt to guide the unhindered soul into the consciousness of absolute being and the promise of eternal life.

As a Catholic philosopher I am constantly seeking the answer to the puzzle of my existence, an answer I can find only within my own consciousness. Through reflection on my own experiences of the universe in which I exist and the study of others’ reflections and experiences I draw a map of my actuality while seeking its relationship to an ultimate reality. The puzzle of why I exist supposes a knowledge of where I exist. The accumulation of knowledge of my environment is, therefore, a necessary step, but my goal is to understand. Discovering that, within the universe, all things are relative but that my own being is not relative, since thought follows being and I am before I think, I become a passionate searcher after the absolute and a seeker after wisdom, which cannot, I believe, be defined except by those who have gained it. Wisdom lies in immediate being and reflective thought is, therefore, a distraction. Herein lies a paradox, that an ultimate reality must be accepted, must be believed in, before it can be known. Faith in the absolute is an act of being. I therefore pursue in darkness a far light.

That far light is an image of both the beginning and the center of the physical universe in which I apparently exist, a light which has traveled from a seminal point in space and moment in time outward in every direction at an immense, yet relative, speed for millions upon millions of solar years to reach my observation, a solar year being an arbitrary measurement by an earthbound observer’s intellect of the time in which the earth completes one orbit around the sun, a relative moment of time. This light has then traveled past my outpost in the universe for millions upon millions more solar years, apparently gathering speed, until it has reached the outer limits of its expanding material domain and has either regained the material formlessness of energy with which it began its journey among the stars or has spiraled back into the formless, absolute void into which the physical universe is expanding.

Time and space are products of the rational human mind, conceptual artifacts inextricably intertwined within a reflective intellectual consciousness that embraces duality. These concepts are then projected as a repetition, a reflective actuality, upon a universe that can no longer be apprehended immediately but only reflectively. This loss of immediacy is precisely the fall from innocence. My existence is as a moment of consciousness within this projected actuality of space and time, this physical universe. I was conditioned, while young, to accept this reflective actuality as reality and then indoctrinated into a false value system which accepts only a rationalistic interpretation of events and sets me on a course of acquisition of material possessions. I am surrounded by form, which I perceive to be energy of decreasing velocity. This informs me that the material of the physical universe is in decay. Decadence, entropy, rules the physical universe! The possessions that I devote my life to gain today are worthless tomorrow. There are no absolutes within this universe, everything is relative, making it accessible to my reflective and rational mind, which is searching for, but cannot comprehend, the absolute.

The physical matter of the universe appears to be moving in two contradictory directions in time, both decreasing in speed as it’s energy decays, and increasing in velocity as it expands in space, which presents another paradox for me to attempt to understand. My bodily movement, too, slows as I age, yet my consciousness, building upon an ever increasing pool of experiential knowledge, increases in acuity. To confront this paradox requires wisdom, which I have yet to attain but which may now be partially defined as a qualitative increase in consciousness. An increase in knowledge without understanding does not give wisdom. Only a correct understanding of the knowledge that I have gained will make me wise and the acquisition of this understanding requires diligence over time, and patience.

The schools of learning in civilization, the academy and the university, do not teach wisdom or own wisdom, despite their claims, and, insofar as they are a part of the worldly establishment that founded them, they cannot ever possess wisdom. Since understanding is a prerequisite for obtaining wisdom, they reveal by their claim to authority and their service to those who hold power and who claim a larger authority, that they do not even possess understanding. There can be no legitimate authority, intellectual or otherwise, on the earth. Authority represents power and all power exhibited on the earth is merely the power of the negative in existence which is discovered by an intellectual reflection the use of which involves the loss of immediacy and innocence, thereby rendering the authority holders guilty. All power and authority have, as their base, the fear of the ultimate power of the negative in existence, which is death. Therefore, the knowledge that the academy and the university have gained and holds in trust of necessity becomes perverted in its application, destroying the natural world and filling the intellectual void with the works of progress, a euphemism for entropy. Always marching forward, to a dubious destination, these powers can never stand still. Always becoming objectively, they can never simply be subjectively. All such authority, power and progress may be seen as artificial constructions of the fallen human intellect.

The environment formed by civilization, an artificial actuality which a misnamed homo sapiens is constructing across the Earth over time, obfuscates human perceptions of reality and truth. Youthful minds are conditioned to accept this unnatural actuality as reality and are then indoctrinated into a set of false values which contain a misrepresentation of the world of phenomena. A materialistic and mechanistic worldview is foisted upon each budding consciousness as the only reality. Conformity to this worldview is rewarded while nonconformity is deemed eccentric and erratic. The laws that govern

societies are always framed to protect the interests of those who claim authority and exercise power over others, while the weak and the poor are fed from the scraps that fall from the tables of the greedy and the powerful. Men are encouraged, like Esau, to sell their birthrights for a bowl of soup.

Before the physical universe began to exist I surmise that there was only an infinite void, formless and empty, absolute and eternal, a great immaterial Zero. It is within this vast emptiness that the physical universe came to exist and and into which is expanding. The One, the universe, is an attempt to negate the Zero, the void, with something instead of nothing. But when the One appears and confronts the Zero the Universe of relativity is formed, a bubble within the Void. This universal bubble expands within the void but can never become absolute since everything within it is relative. It had a beginning in time so can never become eternal since it must also have an end, and it is finite so can never become infinite.

Whatever caused the material universe to exist must be extraneous to the universe, and the totality which is outside the universe is precisely the immaterial void into which the universe of form that confronts the conscious mind is expanding and which, I believe, is a spiritual and conscious being, infinite, absolute and eternal, present within the material universe as the soul of every individual being. It is the effort of human beings to fill this void without acknowledging its spiritual and conscious reality which leads to the development of the material civilization that is now spread, like an infectious scab, across the earth.

The soul of each man and woman may be defined as a single moment of the eternal consciousness of the void, the spiritual void of absolute being, a moment that can freely choose to be determined spiritually or materially, as being or as existing, as a moment of eternity or as a moment of time. When the soul moves to express its self as a moment of time it falls from being into existing, from unity into duality, from absolute into relative, from the infinitude of the spiritual void into the finitude of the material universe.

The highest work of the individual soul within the universe is to express in consciousness its own absolute being, a transcendent being of the absolute, subjecting its own existence to the reality of being. The physical universe now appears to human consciousness as an expression in lower dimensions of the higher dimensions of being and a consciousness of the absolute is the highest form of consciousness, revealed as transcendent to the physical universe and thereby infinite and eternal. The seed of consciousness implanted in the universe transcends the physical limitations of form that delineate existence and which is passed on through generation. The expansion of consciousness becomes the direction of the evolution of life within the universe.

Increased consciousness is not therefore a means to an end but an end in and of itself. It is not to be achieved in order to manipulate the physical universe, but in order to transcend the physical universe. That universe has a beginning and therefore will have an ending; everything within it is relative. It is finite and temporal and designed to decay. All movement in time and space is the movement of decay, time being most precisely defined as the measure of entropy. Absolute consciousness, on the other hand, the consciousness of absolute being is infinite and eternal and so is not subject to the great law of physical entropy. It is transcendent to the limitations of relativity and to their rational interpretation. The innumerable forms of philosophy and the rationality of logic, however, capture the fallen intellect in their nets and hinder it from acquiring knowledge of the absolute categories, bringing the mind into the bondage of rationality subject to the ills of the flesh. In this light, the limitation of dialectic is obvious, although the dialectical method can bring us to the borders of the absolute, which can be comprehended only by a transcendent, spiritual consciousness of faith in an absolute being.

What negates?

The figurative darkness of absolute zero, the nothingness within which the material universe of relativity came into existence, is not negation. The rational mind however, since it exists, sees existence as primary and zero as negation. The contrary is true. The zero does not negate the one since the zero is primary, and the nothingness of absolute being cannot be negated by the material, relative universe precisely because it is absolute.

authentic consciousness

The expansion of human intellectual consciousness is from philosophy through poetry to prophecy. The philosopher, with an inquiring mind, attempts to understand the universe in which he or she awakens and formulate an approach through that developing understanding. In this lies the birth of science and its methodology which accepts a relativistic view of the universe while the poet attempts to give form to the discovered understanding in absolute terms. The prophet is silent, subjectively allowing the absolute to manifest its being through him, or through her. The prophetic consciousness is the highest development of an authentic human life and the prophetic utterance its highest truth. My work is an enquiring work of philosophy which, in poetic semblance, aspires to but may not become a prophetic utterance. Based in physical theory, it expands into spiritual theory, subjecting the universe of relativity to a profound reflection, seeking traces of an ultimate and absolute reality.

Life did not come into being!

►Life did not come into being. It did not become. It simply is, and always has been. It neither came into being, nor can it cease from being. It is eternal and forever. Let life on earth therefore be a preparation for eternal life. Let death be considered a delusion of the fallen intellect, fallen, that is, from subjective contemplation of the absolute and eternal principles into objective reflection on the relativity of existence, the realm ruled by death.

the geometre

►If we assume that if only Descartes had realized that his geometry was merely a poetic utterance and he had not taken it so seriously then the so-called modern world would not be in such a crisis of faith in absolute principles as it is, then our assumption would be false. Human life, every form of life, involved as it is in the tendencies of the finite material universe towards entropy, must follow a course set from the beginning. We are in a spiral away from the source of our being and only a faith in the absolute principles emanating from that source, which transcend the material values with which immersion in civilization imbues us from our youth, is able to reestablish us in a moral relationship with that being which is also our destiny, if we so choose. Morality is the discipline of the relationship with absolute being and the true philosophy is the discovery of that morality.