faith in reality

The subjective, spiritual life that is formed by faith in the absolute categories is the legitimate repetition of consciousness that broadcasts the reality of being, annulling the negative within the actuality of existence and renewing the reality of nature with the added dimension of a spiritual consciousness. The spiritual is the fifth dimension of consciousness into which human life is expanding. Its mode of apprehension is faith. All life is soul, the soul of absolute being, but only the spiritually awakened human soul with faith in the absolute categories of being is able to consciously broadcast the reality of being out into the actuality of existence. Instead of projecting the image of a self into the objective, artificial actuality of pagan civilization the subjective, spiritually defined and chosen soul reveals and presents the transcendent and positive reality of absolute being. The lives of saintly human beings are witness.

Embracing consciousness !

The immediately aware soul perceives only the relative actuality of nature, without reflection in the categories of thought, the positive and the negative, good and evil, that define the duality of existence and unconscious of the absolute categories of spirit that express the unity of being. When immediacy is annulled by reflection the soul becomes self-conscious and loses itself in a maze of human invention. This edifice of ethnic and cultural tradition embodies the history of time that began with the fall into reflection and is devoid of consciousness of the absolute categories of being. To enter the reality of being the soul must reject relativity and embrace a consciousness of faith in the absolute categories, in the infinite and eternal void, evolving as a spiritual being with a consciousness that transcends the intellectual categories of existence and the temporal and finite universe.

defining the city

The physical universe apprehended by human conceptual thought which conceives the object and constructs the objective world consists only of dust and ashes and the immanent phenomenon of life. This world of relativity only takes shape through the elimination of the subjective. It exists, but cannot articulate reality since reality demands the subjectivity of human consciousness to the absolute categories. Existence is an actuality imposed by human invention and therefore limited to the expression of that which is objective and rational. Consequently, the phenomenon of life as subjective consciousness becomes our sole avenue into the reality of being. The construction of an objective world proves to be an error on the path of development for human consciousness, a descent from that subjective apprehension of the absolute, which is familiar to all forms of life, into a conceptual framework of an invented and artificial actuality imposed upon the reality of nature as human civilization, the city.

faith in being

The physical universe is as an expression in lower dimensions of higher dimensions of being. The absolute consciousness of being is the highest consciousness, revealed as the infinite void within which the universe is inflating. This absolute consciousness of being must be an article of faith to the growing consciousness of human being and the expansion of consciousness the direction of the evolution of life within the universe. The seed of consciousness implanted in the universe transcends the physical limitations of form that delineate existence and is passed on through generation. Increased consciousness is not a means to an end but an end in and of itself, not to be achieved in order to manipulate the physical universe but in order to transcend the physical universe which has a beginning and therefore will have an end, while the absolute consciousness of being is eternal and infinite.


The actuality of existence is a projection of the idea invented by the intellect in the imagination and superimposed upon the chaos of nature by the self in an unconscious act of repetition. Civilization, the city, is the objective, intellectual domain of the actualized possibility, an illegitimate repetition of consciousness that is bound up with the dis-integrative processes of matter and subject to the natural law of entropy. While deceptively appearing constructive, civilization actually hastens the entropy of the physical universe, and all signs promoted in actuality as signs of progress are in reality signs of decay.


Existence is the actuality of the self which supplants the reality of being, civilization imposed upon nature, the relative displacing the absolute, objectivity replacing subjectivity. The individual self exists but has no being, while the soul is absolute being, immanent within yet transcendent to existence, expansive in more dimensions of consciousness than the expanding universe perceived by the senses. When the self expresses its various images in the actuality that it invents, it enters a conflict within the duality of existence, the incongruity between actuality and reality, between civilization and nature and between existence and being. Unable to relate immediately and innocently to this actuality because it is an invention of reflection, the self doubts, protesting against the intellectual conclusion that wants to invalidate emotion and immediate sensation and overthrow intuition and instinct . It is doubt that begins the process of reflection which negates the innocent relationship between the soul and its source in the absolute. When the soul projects its image into existence as an individual self it annuls innocence and becomes guilty. The individual self is thus an expression of existential guilt.

a step into the void

To the spiritual consciousness of a redeemed being the physical universe is sensually and intellectually apprehended as a projection of an actuality of relative dimensions within the spiritual reality of absolute being. This infinite and eternal consciousness of the absolute reality transcending the actuality of the universe of form must be the goal and the purpose of human life. The absolute reality is the void of spiritual being.