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I am ! What more need be said ?

It is not necessary to qualify my essential being, my absolute being, by references within the universe, within the world where everything is relative. Even reference to other beings, living or dead, within this relativity of existence neither adds to nor subtracts from my own being, or from the absolute being of every other expression of life in the world. Life is being, not material but spiritual and therefore void of materialism. I am, therefore, a spiritual being, faced with a choice, either to identify with the void of spiritual, absolute being or to identify with the chaos of material, relative existence.

The choice I make determines who I may become in existence within the particular society of beings into which I was born, and the many and varied societies making up the great city offer a variety of possibilities to my emerging consciousness, to a consciousness that develops as my being is cast into the world and forms a reflected image of my self. Because my self is only an image, reflected against the materialism of the world, it is not who I am in reality, in the reality of being. Yet it is so easy to lose my true being in this world of images, this world of selves vying with each other for expression, one over against another, in a world fallen from being into existence, from the absolute into the relative, from the spiritual into the material.

My life is a continual struggle to realize the potential of my spiritual being in a material world. I am constantly attracted to this world, being indoctrinated unwillingly into its value systems at an early age, filled with questionable knowledge and cast out to live under its unjust laws, fearful of the illegitimate power of a wealthy elite and swallowed by the negative in existence, whose ultimate expression is death. But being is spiritual, a positive power in the world, annulling the negative. It is absolute, transcending the relative, it is eternal, not subject to death, and it is an infinite reality beyond the mere finite actuality of the universe.

I am a spiritual being.